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Note: Some of these resources come from me and some come from others. Many are free, some require an email, and a few require payment. The paid resources I love, use myself, and recommend to everyone online or offline.


  • Writing Rules, Revised: These 36 unorthodox articles on the craft of writing I sold to markets like Writer’s Digest and The Poet’s Market. If you want help from my own experiences, start here.
  • 50 Reads for Writers: The books I recommend most often to writers.
  • 251 Fantasy Agentsa list of 251 literary agents who represent fantasy literature.
  • 48 Action Adventure Agents: a list of 48 agents who represent action adventure literature.
  • Before You Start That Blog: a series I wrote that focuses on the philosophies you should consider before you start a blog. It’s essentially a checklist that will keep you from contributing to the drivel, the dross, the mess of the internet and actually help make a more reflective and helpful place.
  • Submission Logsheet: You’ll want to keep track of your submissions in one place even if you use the new tools because the truth is that many literary magazines, filmhouses, and agents still rely on pen and paper or even old submission software. I’ve made a simple submission logsheet so that you can keep track of things easily.
  • Query Tracker: When it comes time to find an agent, the $25 per year to use the data of Query Tracker is stupid cheap. I mean stupid cheap. The efficiency of this tool alone is easily worth $240 per year. Jump on this while it’s cheap.
  • Submittable: If you’ve submitted anywhere yet, you’re already familiar with this tool, but after I made a suggestion a few years back to the team they added the ability to search for magazines AND FILMHOUSES as well as contests and the like that have issued open calls for submissions. It makes it much easier to find publications in addition to the functionality of keep track of queries to magazines. You’ll still want the logsheet, but this helps a ton.

Myths + Fiction

  • How Myths Saved Me from Suicide I was suicidal in highschool and was saved by the myths of the world. This is a story about how I found meaning in life and bliss and joy.
  • Worldbuilding Checklist 101: If you’re working on fantasy or science fiction (really any fiction, since all fiction is fantasizing) you should download a copy of this worldbuilding checklist that will help you consider the various aspects of your fully-realized world.

Producing + Directing + Editing

  • Pre-production Checklist: Before you produce your film or mixed media project, make sure to take some time to think through the steps required to get to the production and post-production stages. This download will help with that.
  • Price Sheet for Freelancers: Though this should probably be in the writing section, most of the steady freelance income I made early on came from copywriting, proofreading, copyediting, and scripts for short films. This list — as of 2018 — shows what would be the upper limit for Joplin, Missouri and the lower limit for New York City, therefore constituting something like a national average for what to charge for your editorial or copywriting or other freelance writing and producing services.

Blogging tools

  • WordPress: I use and highly recommend this free blogging software. I know people like squarespace and it’s true: for musicians and stores, squarespace does good work. BUT WordPress is the eight hundred pound substance gorilla — it’s built for people that want to think cleverer, feel deeper, and act truer — publishers, in other words. All the cool kids use it.
  • Simple Perle: My website’s theme. Free and clean.
  • Canva: A simple design solution for folk like me that need some crutches in the design world.

Email marketing

  • Mailchimp: Again so fresh and so clean. Simple, free for the first 2000 subscribers, and great for folk who just want to share their work with dedicated relationships.
  • Sumo: Sumo is the email aggregator I use. Simple popups and landing pages to help you grow your list.
More to come…