Paris Review Art of Fiction List

paris review art of fiction list

Nothing in the last two years has taught me more about storytelling, fiction, and great reading habits than the Art of Fiction series by The Paris Review. I read around two dozen of them before I decided to work systematically from number one until the end.

Huzzah for lists.

Especially Paris Review Art of Fiction lists!

Unfortunately, The Paris Review currently classifies their Art of Fiction interviews only by name of interviewee and date of interview. They don’t do them by category with separate tags for “The Art of Fictionand “The Art of Poetry” and so on (or if they do, it’s pretty hard to find).

I love lists, so once I grew tired of Googling every single Art of Fiction interview in numerical order, I decided to knock out 223 Google searches in one sitting and make a list of links for myself.

Why not share the fruits of my labor with you fine folk?


Hit CTRL+F to find your favorite literary author, go through it systematically, or take my recommendation to read numbers 3, 8, 12, 13, 21, 39, 64, 69, 84, 169, 189, 203, & 207 – whatever you do, read at least one of these.

If you’ve stumbled upon this post and happen to be on staff at The Paris Review, I want to say “thanks” for the new mobile functionality of your articles – it makes reading much more enjoyable than the old pinch-to-zoom stuff.

:: The Art of Fiction Megalist ::

1. E. M. Forster
2. François Mauriac
3. Graham Greene
4. Irvin Shaw
4b. Irvin Shaw (continued)
5. William Styron
6. Alberto Moravia
7. Joyce Cary
8. Ralph Ellison
9. Georges Simenon
10. James Thurber
11. Nelson Algren
12. William Faulkner
13. Dorothy Parker
14. Isak Dinesen
15. Fracoise Sagan
16. Thornton Wilder
17. Truman Capote
18. Robert Penn Warren
19. Frank O’Conner
20. Agnus Wilson
21. Ernest Hemingway
22. Henry Green
22. James Jones
23. Lawrence Durrell
24. Aldous Huxley
25. Boris Posternak

26. Ilya Ehrenburg
27. Mary McCarthy
28. Henry Miller
29. Katherine Anne Porter
30. Evelyn Waugh
31. S.J. Perelman
32. Norman Mailer
33. Louis-Ferdinand Céline
34. Jean Cocteau
35. Simone de Beauvoir
36. William S. Burroughs
37. Saul Bellow
38. Blaise Cendrars
39. Jorge Luis Borges
40. Vladimir Naboksov
41. Jack Kerouac
42. Isaac Bashevis Singer
43. John Updike
44. John Dos Passos
45. John Steinbeck
46. Jerry Kosinski
47. Eudora Welty
48. Anthony Burgess
49. Christopher Issherwood
50. Gore Vidal

51. Joseph Heller
52. Bernard Malamud
53. J. P. Donleavy
59. Kingsly Amis
60. P. G. Woodhouse
61. Stanley Elkin
62. John Cheever
62. Erskine Caldwell
63. P. L. Travers
63. William Goyen
64. Kurt Vonnegut
64. Jean Rhys
65. William Gass
65. Rebecca West
66. Donald Barthelme
66. Marguerite Young
67. Paul Bowles
67. Jessamyn West
68. Carlos Fuentes
68. Anthony Powell
69. James M. Cain
69. Gabriel Garcia Marquez
70. Margaret Drabble
71. Malcolm Cowley
71. Joan Didion
71. William Maxwell
72. Joyce Carol Oates
73. John Gardner
74. Heinrich Boll
75. Guillermo Cabera Infante

76. Raymond Carver
77. Nadine Gordimer
78. James Baldwin
79. Elie Wiesel
80. Arthur Koestler
81. Milan Kundera
82. Edna O’Brien
83. Julio Cortazar
84. Philip Roth
85. J.G. Ballard
86. John Barth
87. Elizabeth Hardwick
88. Rosamund Lehmann
89. Thomas McGuanne
90. Robert Stone
91. Alaine Robbe-Grillet
92. John Hersey
93. John Irving
94. E.L. Doctorow
95. Cynthia Ozick
96. Francine du Plessix Gray
97. Walker Percy
98. Anita Booker
99. Peter Taylor
100. Hortense Calisher

101. William Gaddis
102. Dorris Lessing
103. Marguerite Yourcenar
104. Jim Harrison
105. Edmund White
106. John Mortimer
107. Robertson Davies
108. William Trevor
109. John Fowles
110. Elizabeth Spencer
111. William Kennedy
112. Josef Skvorecky
113. Max Frisch
114. Manuel Puig
115. Nathalie Sarraute
116. Mary Lee Settle
117. Iris Murdoch
118. Wallace Stegner
119. Maya Angelou
120. Mario Vargas Llosa
121. Margaret Atwood
122. V.S. Pritchett
123. Tom Wolfe
124. Günter Grass
125. Wright Morris

126. Harold Brodkey
127. Reynolds Price
128. Claude Simon
129. Naguid Mahfouz
130. Italo Calvino
131. Grace Paley
132. Mark Helprin
133. James Salter
134. Toni Morrison
135. Don Delillo
136. Ken Kesey
137. Alice Munro
138. Louis Auchincloss
139. Chinua Achebe
140. Primo Levi
141. P.D. James
142. Patrick O’Brian
143. Susan Sotag
144. Richard Price
145. Camilo José Cela
146. William F. Buckley Jr.
147. Richard Ford
148. Amos Oz
149. John le Carré
150. Jeanette Winterson

151. Martin Amis
152. Russell Banks
153. Ismail Kadare
154. V.S. Naipaul
155. José Saramango
156, William Styron
157, Peter Matthiessen
158, Shelby Foote
159, Tahar Ben Jelloun
160, Mavis Gallant
161, T. Coraghessan Boyle
162, Gustaw Herling
163, William T. Vollmann
164, Beryl Bainbridge
165, Julian Barnes
166, Rick Moody
167, Lorrie Moore
168, A. S. Byatt
169, Budd Schulberg
170, Luisa Valenzuela
171, John Edgar Wideman
172, Louis Begley
173, Ian McEwan
174, Guy Davenport
175, Richard Powers

176, Amy Hempel
177, Jonathan Lethem
178, Paul Auster
179, Jim Crace
180, Andrea Barrett
181, Paula Fox
182, Haruki Murakami
183, Tobias Wolff
184, Barry Hannah
185, Shirley Hazzard
186, Salman Rushdie
187, Orhan Pamuk
188, Peter Carey
189, Stephen King
190, Javier Marias
191, Harry Mathews
192, Jorge Semprún
193, Norman Mailer
194, David Grossman
195, Kenzaburo Oe
196, Kazuo Ishiguro
197, Umberto Eco
198, Marilynne Robinson
199, Annie Proulx
200, John Banville

201, James Ellroy
202, Ha Jin
203, Ray Bradbury
204, David Mitchell
205, Norman Rush
206, Michel Houellebecq
207, Jonathan Franzen
208, Louise Erdrich
209, Ann Beattie
210, Samuel R. Delany
211, William Gibson
212, Nicholson Baker
213, Dennis Cooper
214, Alan Hollinghurst
215, Jeffrey Eugenides
216, Bret Easton Ellis
217, Roberto Calasso
218, Deborah Eisenberg
219, Mark Leyner
220, Imre Kertész
221, Ursula K. Le Guin
222, Edward P. Jones
223, Joy Williams


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Share your reflections on these interviews in the comments.

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  1. Thanks Lance, this is a fabulous resource. My Geminian brother and my Geminian wife, obsessive readers that they are, have both been impressed – and for me who prefers non-fiction but loves to know what makes people tick, it has been a delight. To be able to be in the room with Ernest Hemingway, Trueman Capote, Graham Green, etc, listen to voices and share their lives for an hour or so is mind blowing. You are a conduit of knowledge – much appreciated. Neil

    1. Oh you’re more than welcome, Neil. That’s the biggest thing for me now – I want to make this site as ruthlessly helpful as possible for artists and people rapture by the creative imagination. Glad I could help and enjoy the list!

    1. It’s absolutely my pleasure. I’m here to be relentlessly helpful for the authors and artists in my life. Trying to make the world a better place one piece at a time, you know?

  2. Lance, as someone who has recently begun reading “The Art of Fiction” I’m very grateful for your generosity in providing this exhaustive list. I follow the Paris Review on Twitter and often read the interviews that interest me as the tweets randomly come across my feed. To have the list in order from beginning to recent, along with the direct links, is very helpful. Thank you!

    1. My pleasure, Kevin. I’m just here to be relentlessly helpful for people. If you see something missing, feel free to add it in the comments and I’ll add it to the list. And feel free to share it around if you know of anyone that would benefit from this.

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