writing rules revised jodi picoult book

Writing Rules Revised

writing rules revised jodi picoult book

From the author and producer of COLD BREWED and THE JOPLIN UNDERCURRENT comes WRITING RULES REVISED — twenty-six articles on the craft, previously sold to places like Writer’s Digest, The Poet’s Market, Author in Progress, and The Historical Writers of America.


“People say you learn the rules to break the rules, but that’s stupid. No one in their right mind learns the rule “do not murder” in order to figure out just how to mow down a parade with a gatling gun. In truth, we learn the rules to revise the rules back towards their intended spirit. We learn the rules to tune them true. We know a “G” string is intended for a guitar so that if we find it out of tune or worse, hanging on some lingerie rack, we can restring it and tune it true. That’s how laws — how rules — work.

“The rules shift so that they can land well on modern ears. Just as your neighbor is more likely to own a pit bull than an ox, and therefore more likely to understand rules about rabid dogs than goring oxen, you as an author are much more likely to learn about conflict from Dungeons and Dragons than from watching gladiators duke it out live in the colosseum. You’re much more likely to reframe writer’s block in terms of depression rather than druidic curses. And you’re much more likely to think of your income in terms of reinvesting profits rather than in terms of literally singing for your supper beneath some feudal lord’s gaze.”

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