the joplin undercurrent photonovel lance schaubert

The Joplin Undercurrent

the joplin undercurrent photonovel lance schaubert

From the creators of Cold Brewed and The Joplin CVB comes another piece in a new genre of entertainment: a photonovel that enchants and fictionalizes the history of Joplin, Missouri.


A young man and former Joplinite named Lee returns home to visit his ailing — perhaps even dying — mother, but when Lee asks his uncle for a visiting time, his uncle refuses to let him see his own mom. Frustrated, Lee wanders downtown and meets two other out-of-towners — a historian of sorts and a geologist with a strange specialization. They’ve come to protect Joplin from a coming disaster but to do so they’ll have to solve a mystery hidden in Joplin’s past.

A mystery involving Lee’s mother.

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