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gergia partial antique map lance schaubert fantasy world map cartography

Three Gergian stories now available ::


“The Things We Carry” (PG-13)
originally in Seven Seemingly Unconnected Stories, 2014
“Carry Cannons by Our Sides” (PG-13)
originally 2012
“The Dust-Cloaked Weaver” (R)
originally in Seven Seemingly Unconnected Stories, 2014








How to Pronounce “Gergia”

Those who have followed me long enough have wondered how to pronounce the name of this fantasy world. I’ve tried to explain the proper pronunciation several times, tried and failed miserably.

So I spoke the sounds to a phonetics expert.

Based on vowel sound symbols, the pronunciation looks like:


Based on the IPA symbols, it looks like


Based on normal people talk, both of the “G”s are like the letters underlined in the following words:

  • beige
  • measure
  • seizure

The “E” is pronounced like the underlined letters in these words:

  • her
  • sir
  • word

The “I” is pronounced by country bumpkins like:

  • even
  • feet
  • money

and the “A” is pronounced by country bumpkins this way:

  • ago
  • agent
  • collect
  • focus

Though, if you want to be proper, taken together the “ia” combo works more like:

  • boo-yah
  • canyon
  • Carl Jung

There you go: Gergia’. Two syllables (unless you’re a hick). Less “Georgia,” more “seizure,” though not quite.


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  1. I looked at this map on a different post and I LOVE it. I looked at it for a long time and kept finding cool new things, it makes me excited to read the book(s) that will go with it.

  2. I must agree that the map is fabulous. there is enough interesting content there to last a series of books that continues for years. Good luck with the further writing of your book 🙂

    1. Thanks, thoughtofvg! I hope that people enjoy it. Cartographic writing is rare these days, and making a map that borrows from so many mythologies like this give me all kinds of fuel – you’re right.

      Keep in touch!

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