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A young man and former Joplinite named Lee returns home to visit his ailing — perhaps even dying — mother, but when Lee asks his uncle for a visiting time, his uncle refuses to let him see his own mom. Frustrated, Lee wanders downtown and meets two other out-of-towners — a historian of sorts and a geologist with a strange specialization. They’ve come to protect Joplin from a coming disaster but to do so they’ll have to solve a mystery hidden in Joplin’s past.

A mystery involving Lee’s mother.

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Cold Brewed

Filmed and created in Joplin, MO, Cold Brewed reinvents the old photonovel from the 70’s. Instead of pulling screeshots from some preexisting film, we wrote Cold Brewed as if it were a brand new film, taking fresh photographs inside sets we constructed from bits of 1940’s and 50’s film noir memorabilia.

Cold Brewed’s story follows detective Jett Cropper who lives in a world that  prohibited the sale of coffee. His friend Wilson turns up dead near the remains of an old overpass, so Jett turns the town over to find the roaster responsible for tamping both Wilson and the rest of the town:

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