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The following film portfolio and photo portfolio shows off some of my work as a writer and director. Here are the tales I’ve told for your eyes:

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A young man and former Joplinite named Lee returns home to visit his ailing — perhaps even dying — mother, but when Lee asks his uncle for a visiting time, his uncle refuses to let him see his own mom. Frustrated, Lee wanders downtown and meets two other out-of-towners — a historian of sorts and a geologist with a strange specialization. They’ve come to protect Joplin from a coming disaster but to do so they’ll have to solve a mystery hidden in Joplin’s past.

A mystery involving Lee’s mother.

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Parengo Coffee

Wrote the scripts for a series of four commercials for Parengo Coffee. The idea was to make fun of the lame, overwrought cologne commercials that emerged both before and after Brad Pitt’s atrocity. Worked with Mark N. Photo did the photography and Flying Treasure did the video and directing on this campaign.

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CIY Believe hired me to pitch some ideas around the theme “Open” to premiere at their conferences last year. I gave them probably twenty ideas, they went with a pitch from someone on staff, and I stayed on to help develop the script and story. Really enjoyed working with these guys — especially MD Neely, with whom I’ve hung out but haven’t gotten to work, and Derek Hammeke of Flying Treasure again.

Here’s the final product:

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Cold Brewed

Filmed and created in Joplin, MO, Cold Brewed reinvents the old photonovel from the 70’s. Instead of pulling screeshots from some preexisting film, we wrote Cold Brewed as if it were a brand new film, taking fresh photographs inside sets we constructed from bits of 1940’s and 50’s film noir memorabilia.

Cold Brewed’s story follows detective Jett Cropper who lives in a world that  prohibited the sale of coffee. His friend Wilson turns up dead near the remains of an old overpass, so Jett turns the town over to find the roaster responsible for tamping both Wilson and the rest of the town:

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Wisdom Will Prevail

Lang came to me and asked for a barter: if I’d help him on a short film he needed to finish for his employer, he’d make a promo video for Cold Brewed. Mark and I thrive in barter systems, so we struck hands and made it a deal.

Lang’s project was writing a poem that evoked the spirit of Solomon’s proverbs as well as the truth of it, so I wrote up a poem with a derelict house as a metaphor. Pretty sure that part was Lang’s idea and after collaborating, I’m really pleased with how it turned out:

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The Making of a Photonovel

I worked as the director and writer not only on Cold Brewed, but on this promo video as well. I wanted Lang to capture Mark and I in our natural habitat — we worked for years just across the way from one another in that coffeeshop, almost as a mutual office, sometimes signing deals with the same client just minutes from one another.

I also wanted to explain a photonovel, since it was a new medium.

My proudest moment, though, was getting The Eastern Sea to donate the track The Match to the video:

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I like including Blogger in this list because of the constraints and because it’s one of the few freely available videos that I’ve worked on with Derek Hammeke of Flying Treasure. It’s also the only free clip of me acting on a set. Of course, it’s old and some of the acting is cheesy, but keep in mind: we shot this for fun in 48 hours from assignment to script to shoot to final cut:

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Bad Vinyl

In my ongoing creative collaboration with Mark N. Photo — a collaboration we’re starting to call The Brothers brothers — we started writing angsty literary stories for cheesy records Mark found at antique stores. It’s over on Tumblr:

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MPAA Ratings
(that ruin the ending)

This grew out of a conversation I had with professor Doug Welch and my bride Tara. We were making fun of the ridiculous detail we’re starting to see in MPAA rating slide cards — the ones that come right before the film. We started wondering what it would look like if they started spoiling the ending. Three samples of the mpaa spoilers below or click here for the full list.

Old Yeller

The Prestige

Cast Away

. . .

Kingdom Forward

Joseph Lang asked me to write a simple script — a poem — that would read the same ways forwards and backwards to be interspersed with some of the college age workers he works alongside.

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Word (Animation)

Christ in Youth hired me to write scripts on a series of animations to coincide with a documentary they shot in partnership with The American Bible Society. The miniseries showed at their Believe conferences with the animations nested alongside. Here’s the first one, based on a pretty tight outline they handed me:

As always, more to come…

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