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Automate Your Second Draft

If you’ve ever written a paper, story or speech, you’ll want to learn how to do this. Elsewhere I’ve ranted about the benefits of reading your words aloud or having someone read them back to you. Things sound different when spoken into the air, when you hear words exist as they were intended – audible symbols representing meaning. When we hear our own words, we discover otherwise invisible rewrites waiting to aid our work.

Yesterday, I was playing around with the new gestures on OS Lion. Doing the two-finger-click-look-up thing, I saw the Speech > start speaking menu and tried it out.

Now I’ve known about the Apple reading voice at least since the iMac days. Even still, it was nice to find I could hear audio versions of the blogs I was reading yesterday via one highlight and one click. But that wasn’t enough. That little automator bot with his lead pipe/RPG taunted me yet again, standing his ground on my dock. Continue reading

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Writing Roundup

Though I haven’t written about writing on here for some time, I’m not idle. I’ve been over at the Gig every week, wrestling through the issues that come up in the craft as they come. Here’s a roundup of posts over there as well as a roundtable of posts I’ve been reading:

Lancelot Grapples Style 001: I finally read the end of Strunk & White (instead of just reading the first 3/4 for the sixth time) and posted lessons learned. There’s also a part 2.

When Did Self-Publishing Begin?  – This is a rant on issues I’ve had with the discussion of self-publishing, as well as the issue of legitimizing the writing craft in a world that doesn’t take it seriously.

What About First Lines? — Wrestling through the first sentence of a novel.

What Right Have We to Write? — Weakness is strength in writing.

Is Writer’s Block for Real? — Mythbusting writer’s block.

Lancelot’s Roundtable Miscellany:

The Millions discuss the Agent Shift to Genre Fic

Ellie Ann and pretty butterfly sails (and a tall tale)

Patrick Rothfuss to teach Creative Writing

Kristen Lamb on Talking Down to Your Reader

The Pied Piper on Writer’s Conferences

My interview with a Film Analyst on Symbolism

Alberg on Description = Salt

The Pen Monkey gets honest about Self-Publishing

Neil Gaiman on the Difficulty of Writing a Fantasy Series

— quote: “George R. R. Martin is not your bitch.”

Kristen Lamb on Self-Publishing and Stickiness

On Screenplay Rewriting

My Goodreads Today

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Which Stories to Salvage? (via The Gig)

This is my newest post @ The Gig – the site where no-name writers break into their industries. In it, I wrestle through the salvageability of various stories.

Which Stories to Salvage? Reading through John Woolman's journals and Ben Franklin's autobiography this week helped me to question the validity of editing ten short stories. Some of them are solid. Some of them have been rejected half a dozen times. In reading through one of them, I started coming across clichés galore: "Don't jump, mister," the little girl said, her voice soft as silk GROSS! In addition, I seemed to have forgotten how to "show" entirely in this story and … Read More

via The Gig

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