Megabus Moon Roof • from 58 poems written at 29

Megabus Moon Roof — from 58 poems written at 29

daylight and the stand

Daylight and the Stand — from 58 poems written at 29

Clean Inbox? Remember that Emails Compound — A Formula

New York Dictionary : Keep Your Eyes Out

grand jury summons jury duty

Any Advice on Grand Jury Duty?

mccluhan and the message of mediums

McCluhan and the Message of Mediums

need a break why when and how to take one

Need a Break ? When, why, and how to take one.

Wordpress Subscribers Some days the internet gets mad at me

WordPress Subscribers: Some Days the Internet Gets Mad at Me

my idea is not my identity you are not your idea

My Idea is not My Identity. And You are Not Your Ideas.

bigly and tweets a scatological social media puppet show

Bigly and Tweets : a scatological social media puppet show

nonconformity and the loneliness of its creed nonconformist non compliance disconformity

Nonconformity and the Loneliness of its Creed

The Greatest Marriage Advice Tara and I Have Received