gloria in profundis by g.k. chesterton christmas readings of the best christmas stories for adults

Gloria in Profundis by G.K. Chesterton

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Our Tools Shape Us

myth stories map queens museum american folktales and american myths and american tall tales

Myth Stories Map: Queens Museum Exhibit on American Folklore


give each other visions

a defense of pokémon go lance schaubert chesterton defendant bad knife is a good knife not so good as the one you prefer

A Defense of Pokémon Go

David bentley hart articles DBH the experience of god david bentley hart first things

David Bentley Hart Articles: A Megalist

58 poems at 29 years old

58 poems at 29 years old + The State of the Schaubert


Only a Clever Human Can Joke About Virtue

life of learning living the learner's life the life of a striver lance schaubert trivium life of learning logic rhetoric grammar

A Life of Learning :: Striving for the Striver’s Life

Bilbo it up.

can I be a pastor and still write fiction? an email correspondence with a pastor from south west florida

Can a Pastor Write Fiction?

On the Perfection Practice Makes • Artistic Craftsmanship