la la land analysis humble rebuke of hollywood

La La Land analysis : a Humble Rebuke of Hollywood

parengo coffee commercial spillface

Spillface — another Parengo Coffee Commercial

monomyth definition the hero's journey

Monomyth Definition: A Defense of The Hero’s Journey

john lithgow the crown spinoff and other musings

John Lithgow, The Crown Spinoff, and other musings

Mr. Two Face Dark Knight - Meeting Jongleurs and Troubadours in my Dark Knight rewatch

Mr. Two Face Dark Knight : Meeting Jongluers and Troubadours in my Dark Knight Rewatch


Happy Pagan Fall Harvest Festival

artistic resistance reflections on the war of art

Artistic Resistance :: Reflections

short film festival dos and donts lance schaubert

Short Film Festivals :: DOs and DON’Ts


Adapting Your Novel to Television is like Entrusting Your Daughter to Her First Date…


Becoming Sons and Daughters (a documentary)


Blueprint (a CHCC video)


New Film Shoot and Explanation of }{ Symbol