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Episode Story and Serialized Blogs : Segment

Once you’ve dissented against the norms in the blogging world, once you’ve clearly outlined how — exactly — you intend to help others, once you’ve focused on substance and earned the consent of readers who want you to contact them on a regular basis, once you’ve fermented your own style and substance until the blog is authentically you and no one else, and once you’ve relented to your readers, once you’ve built upon your best failures you will need to learn how to make an episode story and serialization.

This isn’t always the case, but if there’s anyone in the blogging world who needs to serialize their work more, it’s me. I’m the worst at posting articles between ten and fifteen thousand words long. That works for some people, but the truth is that people take things a little better in bits and bytes for a blog.

So will your work break up into chapters?




If it can, the blogging world’s the perfect place to do that. Go ahead and find the breaking places and segment your post into sections.

Featured Download: I’ve summarized this whole series into a checklist for you to consult before you start your blog or blog out in the open.

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