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Best Fails in Your Blog : Lament VS. Ignore

Once you’ve dissented against the norms in the blogging world, once you’ve clearly outlined how — exactly — you intend to help others, once you’ve focused on substance and earned the consent of readers who want you to contact them on a regular basis, once you’ve fermented your own style and substance until the blog is authentically you and no one else, and once you’ve relented to your readers, even still, some things will fail.


They will become your best fails.

Mourn them, do a post mortem, and try again.

Great blogs that offer their readers substantial articles that change lives — whether Whole30’s food therapy or XKCD’s education-through-snark or Jeff Goins’ focus on helping writers — all of them share the practice of folks who try things that fail fast in which they learn from said failures, tinker with the initial idea, and try a different iteration.

They iterate.

And the process of iteration implies efficient, deep, and repentance (or heart-change/mind-change) oriented lamentation. You mourn over the thing you failed and then move on into adaptation and iteration.

What do you need to change?

How can you try it anew in a different way?

Featured Download: I’ve summarized this whole series into a checklist for you to consult before you start your blog or blog out in the open.

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