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Spiva Center for the Arts : Rebecca Kanan’s Poem based on Mearcstapa

Thanks to F.C. Schultz for the heads up.

Rebecca Kanan wrote a poem for Spiva Center for the Arts based on the album cover Mark Neuenschwander and Dave Mehrens made for my failed Kickstarter album:

all who wander symphonic novella kickstarter spiva center for the arts

She wrote it for Spiva Center for the Arts “1,000 Words” project in which poets and tellers are invited to write poems and tales based on images that won PhotoSpiva that year. From the site:

The 9th annual “1000 Words” is an annual event at Spiva Center for the Arts in Joplin, Missouri. Participants pick a photo from the exhibit PhotoSpiva 2017 (an annual national photography competition in its 41st year) to use as an inspiration for an original poem that they create and then read.

This is important for me to realize because even things you consider to be “failures” can create lasting culture if you take a generative posture. Mark and I take everything we do and try to pour in a spirit of generativity. That happened here with the inspiration of a new poem, one that’s quite wise in its observations.

Perhaps the album isn’t dead after all. Perhaps it’s waiting to rise from the ashes…

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