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drDOCTOR Issue 001 :: Winter 2017

Our friends Luke Wiget, Sam Farahmand, and Mila Jaroniec started the drDOCTOR reading series in Bushwick a few years back. Then they turned it into a kind of long-form, rambly-yet-somehow-profound podcast. Then an online zine.

Now they’re doing a print run. And it’s handsome. And it includes the raw tapes of a Kurt Cobain interview.

A world class poet who didn’t know me from Adam once told me that if you want to move up as a writer, one of the things you need to do is to build a literary community and contribute to the landscape of what’s possible in terms of publishing. Not merely write and publish. Actually make it easier for others to do so. Something something rising tide lifts all ships something something—I don’t remember it all.

But the part of it I do remember?

That bit has been and will continue to be pushed forward by good folk like Luke, Sam, and Mila. This volume is handsome and if you’re a collecting type, it’s entirely possible that this could turn out to be the equivalent of volume one Paris Review or volume one New Yorker.

Maybe not.

But then again, maybe so.

In any case, backing these guys’ first issue as a collector or reader or writer is contributing to the publication landscape. Totally worth your time and $15.

Go here to grab yours.

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