Wordpress Subscribers Some days the internet gets mad at me

WordPress Subscribers: Some Days the Internet Gets Mad at Me

Newton’s Third Law of Blogging:

If you spend a good chunk of your life barking at the internet by calling it a distraction and a destabilizer and disintegrator of relationships, eventually the internet will bite back.

Yesterday, those of you old guard still subscribed to this site’s old Wordpress email following received 92 emails from the WordPress server for various posts on my site.  I found the problem and amended it — trust me, it annoyed me too because I got them as well. Imagine me curmudgeoned and grumbling at the screen from beneath the shelter of my Papa’s flat cap while seated on my Great-Grandma McCormick’s recliner, having just watched the hilariously snarky Lego Batman and you’re getting close to the back-and-forth me and the internet had the other night.

Anyways, thanks for the heads up folks AND for helping me put the internet back in its place:

wordpress subscribers put in your place what have i done to you

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