the best amateur website still uses canva

The Best Amateur Website Still Uses Canva

Awhile back when I went cruising around for advice on my site, I found the best amateur website still using the same service that all of these other amateur websites used. I hesitate to mention it because I don’t want to be run out of town, but then again, my job is to work myself out of a job by helping everyone here.

Look: I’m no designer. Never have been. Never will be. Never want to be.


(and that’s a big ghetto-booty BUT)

I STILL know when something looks awful. And sometimes I get really frustrated that I don’t have a full-time designer working for me because I can see it — I can see what I want and can’t get it. Can’t afford one at this stage, but someday that’ll be the first hire.

A tool that’s help bridge the gap, however, is CANVA. I’ve recommended it to close friends for the last few years, but now I want all of you to know about it because it’s just too helpful to hide.

Here’s an example of a resume:

Lance Schaubert writing resume

Or basically any of the blog headers you’ve seen, including this one, come from Canva. The Mearcstapa Album cover?

all who wander album cover best amateur website

The text slide was Canva with one of Mark N.’s photos. Although the .gif itself was photoshop.

It’s super simple.

Go there.

Drag and drop.



lancelot tobias mearcstapa schaubert monogram

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