living without social media

Living without Social Media — 21 Letters Written

living without social media

Well we’re two months into our year of living without social media and I can confidently say I don’t miss it, even with googling the news more than normal (which I’m also trying to curb as I used to abstain from reading the news, but as the desert fathers said, sometimes you have to use one vice to chase out another).

Here’s a timelapse of me writing, sealing, and sending the first twenty-one letters:

…which puts me on pace for 300 letters by the end of the year. (If you want one, sign up here). The people who have received them have already responded beautifully.

So far, living without social media has given us much more time to enjoy meals with friends who also don’t — or can’t — have social media.

living without social media

…which also included me trying my first bowl of pro ramen:

living without social media

…and forcing myself to come face-to-face with local news when I had to rush home to do the emergency eulogy for Deno Bubba’s funeral:

living without social media

…dipping my feet into the wide world of podcasts, which will likely only expand in the future. Tara snagged this picture of me talking to the recorder. As if all of you could see my hands waving:

living without social media

…and opening up more time for eyes-open reflection during travel.

living without social media

…oh and more time for walks with the girls.

living without social media

All in all, our quality of life has significantly improved. I cannot imagine being on Facebook on November 8th, let alone on Twitter in any of the insanity that has followed, so I consider it a grace that we dodged a bullet there.

Also accomplished:

  • 30,000 words on my new novel.
  • Significant phonecalls and meetings for business.
  • Released article compilation.
  • Sold story to New Haven Review and other pieces to other places
  • Started new partnerships.
  • set my thumb on fire. nothing so sobering as pain. accident, but still. actually someone else did it. but it could have been infinitely worse than a two-degree burn had I had my phone in my hand.

Other assorted victories to follow, but man I feel like I’ve got my life back in a way I haven’t since 2005. That sounds weird: I’ve been able to accomplish and experience and love a lot. But there’s something sacred to reticence we miss when we share every little thing. I think my Deno Bubba understood that. Hope to represent some of that with the new novel.

Love to all of you. How is it out there?




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