Harry Rides THE DANGER

Around this time of year some five years ago, I rode some carnival rides with a kid named Harry:


He’s a pretty particular kid with a set way of doing everything:

…and if you watch his arms on this kiddie coaster, you can see that he gets excited. REALLY excited. And he expresses his excitement with these fascinating gestures:

Now I’m one to talk, with my tongue wagging like an idiot, so take “weird things” in context: we were both just having fun.

However, right after we got off that ride, Harry came up to Tara, my wife, and said, “Did you see that?!”

“See you?” she asked.


“What happened, Harry?” she asked.

“I ride… I ride… I RIDE THE DANGER.”

That’s right. Harry Rides the Danger.

I immediately went home and wrote a children’s book based off that line. Hopefully it’ll se the light of day in a few short years. Remember you saw this.


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