Adapting Your Novel to Television is like Entrusting Your Daughter to Her First Date…

The process [of turning my novel into a TV series] that began with Sam Raimi, ended up in the hands of producers and writers that took things in a very different direction. The best way I can describe it (without the gory details); it’s something like letting your daughter go out on her first date. You meet the guy, he seems nice, he sounds like he has the same honorable intentions that you would want someone to have for your daughter. He promises to be respectful, treat her well, and show her a good time. Then, they go to a party and the guy who took her out leaves, passing your daughter off to some other men who are very different than the guy you met. These men call you from the party and tell you “don’t worry, she’s with us, we’ll take care of her. She’s having a great time. No, I’m sorry, but you can’t come pick up your daughter. She’s with us, now.”

— Robert Jackson Bennett, Fantasy AMA

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