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Slice of Life has hit Bookstores!

Remember that transmedia project from 2013?

Well the Slice of Life book is now available in print!


I worked on the Slice of Life book in between projects the summer of 2013, turning a ballad into a polyform poem that would represent the whole of the project. The book, as you’ll see below, is something like an open-source compilation of fairy mythologies all centered around this sassy princess named Aura who loses more than one body part in her fight against an evil queen.

You speculative fiction types will love this stuff.

Here’s the rest of the team again ::

  • Ellie Ann – author, New York Times and USA Today Bestseller
  • Gary Morgan – comic illustrator, of Undead and Hobbit Lessons
  • Theo Love – audio director, award winning filmmaker
  • Emma Lang – 12 year old extraordinaire
  • Biaka Zaidarhzauva – graphic artist
  • Hezekiah Jones – composer, of Have You Seen Our New Fort?
  • Me – rocking the rhymes.

Slice of Life by Ellie Ann cover

“This was no longer her world against the queen. It was the queen’s world against her.”

The Queen wants to destroy the life force of earth and has destroyed the last being that can stop her. Or so she thinks . . .The last powerful mage in the world, Princess Aura, is the sole witness to the nefarious plot. The good news is she knows how to stop it. The bad news? She can’t do it alone.Aura must summon someone she hoped never to see again. Saint George, her lover who left five years ago for another woman. And another. And another.

Can they work together long enough to defeat the queen and save the world?

Told collectively by a troupe of digital artists, Slice of Life employs every medium available: prose, pictures, poetry, illustration, audio scenes, and music, to provide an immersive and exciting reading experience.

Readers get free stories and artists get encouraged ::

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