behind the joplin photonovel - shooting at the chat piles by schifferdecker road

Joplin Photonovel • Behind the Scenes 001

For your weekend viewing pleasure, here are some outtakes from our shoot for…

THE Joplin photonovel ::

Click on the pictures to open the gallery and see the stories behind them, but I need to highlight one in particular…

Of course, the day we were shooting a long, progressive walk downtown would turn out to become the coldest day – complete with negative wind chills.

That said, I couldn’t resist getting a shot of this icicle hanging from Mark’s mustache. You’ll want to click to magnificate this picture ::

Joplin Photonovel frozen the musical Mark Neuenschwander

I can’t tell you much more right now, but as always, more to come…

Missouri enjoy the show Joplin PhotonovelJoplin CVB photonovel





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