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Comics that Nourish

People keep tucking away all kinds of imagination-based encouragement into the nooks of the internet, you simply have to dig a bit to find it all. Thanks to Meghan for pointing this one out.

Stephen McCrane over at Doodle Alley started drawing comics that nourish for people like you and me.

He took the principles that helped him develop his craft and put them online in little chapters.

I’ll share two and you know I love the first one:

Learning to Learn

learntolearn0001 learntolearn0002 learntolearn0003 learntolearn0004

Diversify Your Study

InterdisciplinaryStudy InterdisciplinaryStudy0002 InterdisciplinaryStudy0003 InterdisciplinaryStudy0004 InterdisciplinaryStudy0005 InterdisciplinaryStudy0006 InterdisciplinaryStudyFIX7

Go check out Stephen’s great work –  tell him Lancelot sent you.


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