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I’ll make this quick so that we can start getting into the meat of things next week. Like I said yesterday, it’s pretty self-explanatory here, but I’ll show you around since this will be home for awhile.

Over on the left << you’ll notice the main sidebar. If you’re reading in mobile, there’s no distinction between left and right – it’s a continuous stream below V , but for those on their computers, the first thing you’ll find is the progress meter. You’ll know simply by word count if it’s a novel or a short story that I’m working on and I’ll keep you informed on which draft it is. The Faceless (draft 3), for instance, is the novel I’ve worked on for the last year and a half. It’s my fourth novel and if this one doesn’t sell, I’m self-publishing it. I’ve had it with waiting and I want to share something larger with you fine people.

Below the progress meters you’ll see the stream of books for sale. That list will grow as I publish more over the years and eventually I’ll have to cap the list at… I don’t know… say a dozen of the most recent or most popular books.

There’s an about page that tells the short and the long of what I’m doing as an author as well as a calendar for upcoming events. As you can see, I’ll be at Movement Week, DrDoctor and celebrating a friend’s  book launch here in the city. You’re welcome to come and hang with me at any event, regardless of whether I’m speaking, volunteering, or simply attending.

Contact is obvious and you remember the old Gergia map, of course. What’s unique about the Gergia page is that I’m going to start releasing short stories on here pertaining to the world. Two of them were already released in Seven Seemingly Unconnected Stories. Another will come out exclusively on the site in the next month or so.

Which brings me to the biggest addition.

The Books and Stories page further breaks down into genre: Books, Stories, Nonfiction, and Poetry. Anything that was published with rights other than exclusive online rights, I plan to copy into my own personal archive on here and give it away a month or so after the publication date. It will take some time for me to get some of the better pieces up here – please be patient. That’s how I’m going to keep track of the poems and whatnot – I’ll take the best and keep them in separate pages on the site. It’ll be far less noisy in the main blogroll and you’ll still get to read my work. In fact, those of you who really like my work will read more than you’ve ever gotten ahold of before. Pieces that were only available in obscure print editions until now. Where rights prevent me, such as the piece I wrote for Harry Potter for Nerds, I can’t copy the files.

However, I plan to work my contracts toward this free archive whenever I have some sway in the matter.

So keep an eye out as I continue to populate those pages. Oh! And I will do my best to keep The Bibliography (formerly “published works and projects”) free of links but full of every title I have published, even in limited runs. Otherwise we won’t keep track of them all.

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Keep living the dream, artheads, and feel free to show yourself around.


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    I’m sorry if I buy all of your copies to give out as Christmas presents, but honestly I won’t be all that sorry.
    Holy buckets I can’t wait.

    1. Well you need to find yourself, lose yourself, grow up, grow down, whatever it takes. You’ve got a solid story there and as I have mentioned many a time, it’s better than Hunger Games, it’s better than Divergent, it’s not in the same category as Harry Potter, but it puts up a good fight to it regardless. It’s solid

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