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The Sitting at the Feet of interviews started when I took up my journal and pen and asked an insurance executive one question: what could I learn from you?

Turns out, a whole heck of a lot. I never knew that risk assessment played so deeply into every area of my life, that employing an active assessment of daily risks made all of my decisions easier.

So what’s SATFO?

For learning from those who are different than us.

After interviewing the insurance executive, I set out to find people who had spent a significant amount of time on any given topic and posture myself as a learner, as one who sits at their feet, rather than as some know-it-all. The biggest frustrations in the workplace come when we assume we know the jobs of others. We seldom do. Many of the SATFO interviewees are autodidacts: self-taught masters. Over time, I took my findings and posted them on here, first as awfully long transcripts of the original audio and then eventually as features.

So far, we’ve plopped down at the feet of:

A Documentary Filmmaker

A Miraculous Healer

A Peruvian Painter

The Spirit in the Song

A Group Travel Millionaire

A Male Model

A Fashion Photographer

Big City Photos, Small Town Charm

A Medievalist

A Ninja Warrior

Oppression and Propaganda

A Gymnast


As always, more to come…

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