Copywriting for New Higher Education Client

Partnered with Ozark Christian College on this campaign (design by Little Bird). The idea was to highlight the argument in favor of intransitive education, the same one featured in that widely circulated blog post from back in May:



“Come and Change,”

for instance, isn’t simply the stereotypical “come learn to change the world.” Rather, come and change unveils the foundational assumption predicating every instance of world-change: you must first be changed before you can create change. This implores students to come experience life change in order to then change others.

As you can see, this campaign takes a radically different approach to higher education marketing, focusing on how students must learn to learn and how their education is not about them. Website and other mailings to follow, but feel free to check out my LinkedIn portfolio for a preview of the rest of the copy.

Apologies to all for my delay on portfolio posts–I’ve been slammed. Hopefully I can catch up in the next few weeks.

More to come…

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