My Four-Foot Afro

Seldom do I let my hair down on here and let you guys see my… goofier (lighter-hearted? crazier?) side. For Halloween, one of my solid groups of friends decided to throw a Halloween block party at one of their houses. My buddy Mark brought over his photo booth (and took the following pictures). And I let my hair down.

Or up as the case may be:

Thanks to the boys and girls that put this together:

To my bride for her awesome bit of election-day satire:

To old man pumpkin for eating bean bags until your tummy hurt:

To Shark Fin, for not freaking out:

And to Shark Fin’s Dad who, after he realized in the sudden illumination of camera flash that I was standing in the dark behind his kid, yelled, “GET OUT OF MY KID’S HALLOWEEN!” And who also laughed because he has a darker sense of humor.

Yay costumes.

Hugs, Kisses and Afros,

PS> Thanks to Dad for letting me borrow his $40 wig and to Aunt Pam for opening up a chain of Halloween stores during my high school years.

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