White and Blue Take Over

I used to think that blue and white was my favorite color combo. Now I’m unsure. Did some study come out telling people to use blue and white in their logos?! A la:

Dang, dunno how that made it in there, let’s try again:

Traditionally, they thought that blue conjures up feelings of loyalty while white evokes purity and innocence. Do you have any thoughts on the trend or any other examples?

PS> While searching for more Blue-White Combos, I turned up this gem. I’m sure it’s been shared elsewhere, but all the same:

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8 thoughts on “White and Blue Take Over

  1. taralee says:

    love the colors!

  2. Holy cow. I hate when I’ve been brainwashed without even knowing it.

  3. taralee says:

    and by that i mean the rainbow colors…

  4. you forgot to include my logo…

  5. [...] called it “azure” – the bright sky blue of modern home decor and graphic design. This color saturated the alchemical water and mercurial fifth element so often that the sapphire [...]

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