Kvothe’s Sex-Life…

A friend of mine texted me saying, “The sexual buildup with denna, auri, fela and devi is getting crazy. Who’s he gonna [sleep with] first? Auri? Fela? Devi? Denna?” I’m gonna tackle this as a lit-guy and try to set my moral biases aside. There are some minor spoilers for WMF (at the start) so be on your gaurd.

This question, at its heart, has a flaw.

One could say, “Kvothe’s a fifteen-year-old kid, so he can’t possibly start sleeping around yet,” but this is a bit naive. I’ve heard this used in some other arguments, and people who say things like this aren’t paying attention to the main character or the world around them. Fifteen-year-olds have changed a bit since the last century, but they’ve also stayed the same. Same hormones, greater access to anything they can get their hands on. I discard this objection.

One might say, “Kvothe’s interested in the Chandrian only, he won’t waste his time with trivial things.” Okay, if there is a stoic in NOTW or WMF, it’s not Kvothe. This is a troubadour we’re talking about, one of the passionate Ruh. He might like books, but he’s no stoic or cynic. He’s a beer-drinking, song-singing, who… lady-loving gypsy at the end of the day.

No, instead it has to do with conflict of interest(s).

It won’t be Auri, obviously, because of her innocence. We’re talking about a girl who will run away if Kvothe even speaks during dinner, hiding under the Underthing for days. Remember: food = communion. How a character eats with another character shows their relationship. When they eat together, there’s no words shared. It’s a fun, playful, relationship of mutual acceptance where they’re content to sit in each others’ presence in silence. She’s timid. She’s scared. She’s a little kid in woman’s body. Not Auri.

Devi won’t work. Because she’s dangerous? Yes and no. No, because danger can be a “sexual calling card” for people, as my friend said in a later text, and Kvothe seems to find some mild attraction in that. Yes, because Kvothe’s brilliant and knows how to keep himself out of trouble. The biggest weight on his shoulders during the deal with Devi was his blood. If she got a hold of something else of his, despite her courtesy and honesty, he’d still feel that pressure. Despite the danger, manipulation like that’s a huge no-no for most guys (Kvothe included). Devi’s out.

Fela? This seems a responsible choice considering the encounter at the end of Name of the Wind, but think with a literary mind again. We’re at the end of the coming-of-age book, and Fela stands there as a sign of his childhood passing away. He’s already got a chance for it in Wise Man’s Fear, and said, “it would be like swallowing a rock. I just can’t do that.” While he’s under the influence of a plumb-bomb. Why can’t he? I think because he’s contrasting Fela with Denna.

Denna. Oh Denna. Obvious choice. Obvious love. Obvious insatiable hunger  to find her, pursue her, chase her down, hold her hand, even to get one solitary kiss from her. But no, that can’t happen. At least not all the way. Why?

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Think of how he talks about her at the beginning, wrestling through how to describe her, about her flightiness, about how it all potentially began with her. These are not the words of someone who simply loved and lost, but someone who loved the one who got away and lost.

My conclusion? There won’t be a major sex-scene or whatever in the kingkiller trilogy that relates to plot or main character.

Looking forward to your thoughts both here, on the post about Rothfuss’ use of “shattered” and for your comments and questions on the discussion post.


  1. Hi:
    He has something big happen with someone in the next book. He has a serious lover because one of the quotes is “My first real lover called me Dulator because she liked the sound of it.” I believe that it is Denna. If not Denna then who? Someone who has yet to be introduced? In WMF he has some casual sex.
    Also, Auri is someone who could change in a hurry. I’m not saying that is who he has the physical relationship with…but I wouldn’t completely rule it out. He does kill a king and I suspect that she may be a missing princess. Plus “calling him Dulator becasue she liked the sound of it’…hmmmm sounds like Auri, but coud be anyone.
    Also, isn’t he 16 in WMF? Not a huge point but I think he might be.

    1. typos are:
      – expected in comments
      – accepted in posts
      – abhored in full-manuscript submissions & assignments
      – rejected and burned in published works

      so no sweat.

  2. I believe that his first real lover called him Dulator, but two things about that:
    1. Phonetically? It’s “Do – Later” Ironic name for a lover, no?
    2. Just because he says that, doesn’t mean we find out about her from a current character
    3. I’m fine with the casual sex thing plot-wise, but I’m not seeing it in the main points – not past page 200 yet, so careful here. I’m touch-and-go on the reactions right now
    4. I like your point about Auri there, and her interaction with Elodin changed my mind a bit about this…
    5. Yes, 16. Like I said, that would be a bad point for someone to make, which is why I don’t make it. Though I have heard it elsewhere (less in regard to Kvothe, more in regard to other characters in similar situations)

    You have my attention, however, and for an entry-thought, pre WMF, that’s my hunch. After the read, I will most certainly modify this as needed.

  3. To be truthful in WMF he has plenty of casual sex, not just some. But it is handled well in that none of it is jarring or gratuitously explicit in the writing. I think there will be a major love scene in the next book that will include sex. However, I expect it to be handled as carefully as all of the previous scenes where Kvothe gets physically intimate. I think the section with Felurian is very important to the plot. I just do not want to get too speculative.

    1. I apologize! I had no idea you were/are on page 200. I will be more careful, but don’t think I have spoiled anything. I think I will definitely stop speculating until you are finished with the book. Zounds that was close.

    2. no sweat. hahaha. I do that though, I guess and like to evaluate where I was right and where I was wrong.

      Maybe I need both spoiler alert for what I include AND for what I don’t know, eh?

      And I’m not the kind to get mad about details. only major major plot reveals. I enjoy the ride no matter what usually

  4. It’ll be Denna. Hopefully she then dies and Auri manages to fix what is broken with herself and her and Kvothe can live happily ever after. (Does anyone actually like Denna?)

  5. hey guys,

    i think his first serious lover is felurian. I mean, she teaches him a bunch of stuff etc. and dulator is kind of a fae-sounding name, so im pretty sure it was felurian. it also might refer to Loisel, that one girl in that one inn who embarrased him the first time, but when he got back from felurian, said he had a fae look in his eyes. Then again, it also might refer to vahset. idle speculation.

    1. Hey, Ilohit, thanks for stopping by.

      I’m always in for idle speculation. My thing is, it depends on what he means by “lover.” That paragraph rant on all the things he did is loaded with double entendre and exaggeration – more so than any other tale he tells. Could be that “lover” means “mother” or “sister” or “kind friend” or “person who took me in” as easily as “person I lost my virginity to” or whatever. We’ve yet to come across the name, so it’ll be interesting to see how it develops.

      But yes, it does sound fairly faen.

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