The Creative Center at University Settlement

Based in Bowery, NY, The Creative Center believes that medicine may heal the body but art heals the soul. They started out with free art classes to ladies with cancer and grew to include artist-in-residence programs in over 20 healthcare centers.

The Creative Center also hosts galleries…


…that sell the paintings of these cancer and illness survivors. Check out their Flickr page to go through the galleries or browse through the various mediums on their site.

the creative center flickr gallery

image from Angela Baker’s portfolio,
one of their artists in residence


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Royalty Exchange :: Are Artists Commodities?

Many of you already know this, but a new site opened up recently called Royalty Exchange which allows professional investors to bid on – and win – percentages of creative and commodity-generating estates.

Think “Sinatra’s discography” for the former and “the mineral rights to Joplin” for the latter.


Royalty Exchange is great news for investors, great news for people looking to make a quick turnaround on their royalty estate, and potentially awful news for artists. Check out their video below:

I have little to say on the matter except to ask some questions:

  • Does this commoditize artists? If so, are there any future problems you can foresee?
  • Would you bid on royalties of another estate in Royalty Exchange if you could?
  • If you were the daughter or son of a one of the greats – say Dickens or Tolkien or the dude who wrote Peter Pan  – and served on the board of his/her creative trust, would you feel right about selling off the estate in a lump sum?(The royalties from Peter Pan, for instance, still go to serve a children’s hospital in Britain via a special act of parliament).

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The First of the Three Spirits :: A Christmas Carol — Stave Two

Keeping with my pseudo-tradition of reading Christmas stories, this year I’m doing A Christmas Carol

The whole story’s kind of long, so I’m breaking it up into its component staves (It’s a carol, remember?) Here’s stave two, The First of the Three Spirits.

I always think of A Muppet Christmas Carol on the first of the three spirits, mainly because that’s the coolest puppet I’ve ever seen ::



Correction :: Somewhere in the reading this aloud, I messed up on my mental picture of the ghost and seem to have mixed up GCPast and GCPresent. Whoops. Thanks for the correction Meghan. The good news?





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