Lancelot Schaubert

Editor from a desire to learn alongside students, writers, and clients. Writer partly from pleasure, partly from a belief that the proof of editing’s in the publishing, rather than in the theory. Copywriter from addiction and through recovery, a poet. Speaker and storyteller when the words need some air.

Loving husband, son, brother, friend, neighbor, and stranger. Especially loving stranger. Without becoming a loving stranger, there’s no way to become a loving neighbor, friend, brother, son, or husband.

Literary Convictions

  • Most bad writing is not bad writing, it’s bad thinking. Good thinkers are artists and often writers.
  • Writers must learn how to work before they can learn how to write. Many would-be writers are simply lazy and unteachable.
  • Trust the tale, not your pitch.
  • Say it wrong and strong just like a singer – better a wrong note than a wimpy one.
  • Write until your influences orbit you, not the other way around.
  • Audience location dictates message culmination.
  • Mixed metaphor is metaphor.
  • Poetry creates language, ad copy destroys it.
  • Clichés happen when we write like someone else – even earlier versions of ourselves.



Status for Freelance WorkReady to serve. 

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