rewarding early backers in the stretch goals ::

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Learn about Civil War, the comic book event, in this new episode of #Marvel101, brought to you by our friends at Pop Secret!

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Some awesome stretch goals are on the horizon and they affect early backers…

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Get in on this folk album early, stretch goals are gonna be killer. First sample song coming soon ::

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a couple days into and we’re already at 15%! here’s a Wolfenstein throwback for your Saturday.

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Financially unable to give to Kickstarter today? I have a solution for you:

Hey gang,

If you’re financially unable to give to the Kickstarter right now, I have a solution. We’re using Thunderclap to all post at the same time the last week of the Kickstarter. So if nothing else, would you lend your voice for a single post? Takes two clicks:

kickstarting an album written by a character from my forthcoming debut fantasy novel. Calling it a “symphonic novella.” Link in profile or here ::

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